Best products, Best service

Each of our products are carefully manufactured in-house in order to achieve the highest possible level of quality. Our high-caliber product exhibits optimal functionality, unique beauty and fully dedicated craftsmanship. While adhering to a design that is simple, efficient and intended to last, our products are authentic, one-of-a-kind works that are valued beyond their basic utility. The longevity of our product is experienced with an ever-increasing appreciation and joy as one grows over the years. Our main objective is to provide the world with a well-functioning product of the utmost reliability, purity and safety.

Our engineering methods and sense of aesthetics involve taking current fabrics and technology to the next level for the ultimate result. Such innovations may accompany a higher price to be paid by the consumer, which is essential to meet the costs of providing the best product on the market. In our minds, the ideal product encapsulates a balance of simplicity, purpose, functionality, and longevity while being suited to the consumer’s own lifestyle. This means we offer options for bringing in the most beautiful natural light as well as those for dimming or darkening rooms according to specific needs or desires. Each of our fixtures are easy to operate and self-maintain its optimal condition. Each individual product is characterized by its own unique temperature, feel and frequency that affect those in the room in a significant way.

We carefully choose all materials used in our products, from the dye ingredients to the threads themselves; often our prudent selections happen to be the most expensive materials available in order to achieve our goal of creating and improving our products. In addition to the selection of quality materials, consistency is paramount in our line of products. We want our clients to have the most reliable and consistent product to satisfy any and all needs. Our attention to the most minute details are what makes us and our product truly memorable and valuable. Going forward, we continue to create newly elegant, delicate ways of presentation and function. Our shades are hand-assembled by masterful artisans who strive for a level of perfection and overall quality in each detail that a machine is not capable of.

We believe that a good product is experienced physically, mentally and spiritually. We want our clients to have the most elegant atmosphere possible as created through our window treatments, and each product we create brings with it its own unique, characteristic aura that it was meant to create during its lifetime of use. The true “feel good” moment is exactly what we target through providing the ultimate window treatments. It is neither competition nor industry standards that make elwin the best of the craft. It is simply our driving passion to create the true masterpieces of the modern window treatment industry.